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Sell Your Instrument 

Sell your musical instruments to us. We buy Clarinets, Flutes, Saxophones, Trumpets & other Brass & Woodwind Instruments, will be considered depending on the instrument itself.

We take ex-rental, forgotten, gifted and outgrown instruments.

Once a sale is approved, we will book a collection with our courier, all you have to do is package up the instrument safely and we’ll do the rest.


Contact us, using the form below. add as much information as you can including any photos you have. 


Once an agreement is made, we will transfer you the funds via a bank transfer.


We will contact you with any questions and the price, we'd be willing to pay


We will instruct DPD to collect the Instrument on a day and place that suits you. All you need is a printer and to package the instrument up.

Sell your Instrument TODAY!!

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