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Trombone Hire

We started our Trombone Hire in Dorset in 2021, very quickly becoming very popular in local schools, we're now taking our Saxophone Hire throughout the UK. We use Reconditioned Instruments to make the rental affordable.

We aim to offer an affordable, simple and flexible Musical Instrument Hire option.

Why should you consider hiring? 

Hiring is a great way to find out if you or your loved one enjoys playing or simply don't want the financial outlay buying outright poses. 

Our Dedication to Quality

We want you to be proud of the trumpet you’ve hired so our dedication to quality is key, when we source our instruments they are rigorously checked over by our specialists before heading to the workshop for a complete service.

On-site workshop

We have high expectations with our Reconditioned Rentals so we have decided to work extremely close with Play It Again UK to provide top-quality full service and a pro setup on every instrument before despatch

Choosing the best Trombone for you

It’s easy to go with the cheapest option but that may not necessarily be the right choice for you, seek advice from your teacher. Or give Rob a call on 07535926256.

Our Trombone hire is flexible

We want you to feel in 100% control so we make our hires super flexible. You can buy your instrument outright or return your instrument at any point after the 4 Month mandatory period. You also get a 14 Day Approval Period with a no hassle return and refund if you're not 100% happy.

Things you should know before hiring

  • Your first payment will include the deposit + 1 months rental – the deposit will never count towards the final figure

  • All future payments will be taken by GoCardless on a date that suits you

  • You will receive a statement on the 4th, 12th, and 23rd month unless requested

  • On the 24th payment, the instrument becomes yours and we refund your £50.00 deposit

  • Music Corner is FCA accredited. (FRN 948967)

  • How long is the hire ?
    Our Hire-Purchase is over 24 months
  • What happens if my Instrument is damaged whilst im renting?
    If we deem the instrument is repairable we will charge for the repair, then send the instrument back to you for the rest of the rental term. If we deem the instrument is irripaireable we will charge for the full term. (Our workshop can handle most repairs)
  • Is the mouthpiece sterilised ?
    Yes!, we use an ulrasonic bath to serilise the mouthpiece before the insrument is released.
  • What happens if i no longer want to rent?
    If you no longer wish to rent you can either send the instrument back and we stop the standing order, or you can purchase the instrument at any point. Both result in a return of your £50 deposit.

Please Note: All prices you see are PCM (Per Calendar Month) plus deposit. (£50.00)

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

What's included in every Trombone

  • Case

  • Mouthpiece 

  • Slide Oil

  • Trombone Snake

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