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Terms & Conditions - Cover

The optional ’Comprehensive Cover and Service Contract’
This optional product entitles the renter to an inclusive full service of the instrument after each
contiguous two years of rental, it also entitles the hirer to protection against the financial liability for
loss, theft or damage of the instrument.
If the cover contract is not selected or paid for, the hirer is liable for the full replacement value of the
instrument in the case or theft or loss, and in the case of damage, for the cost of repair up to the full
value of the instrument. The replacement value of the instrument will be stated at the outset of the
rental contract. If the optional cover contract is not selected, it is recommended that the hirer insure
the instrument for the replacement value. It is the responsibility of the hirer to select appropriate
insurance. Music Corner cannot advise on the suitability of any third-party insurance contract or
provider and it is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure any cover is suitable.
The cover contract represents exceptional value as the typical cost of the instrument service alone
would be much higher than the cumulative contract cost, even without the additional loss and damage
cover provided by the contract, which adds even more value and peace of mind.
The cost of the Comprehensive Cover and Service contract is £5 per month for most Saxophones (£6
for some higher value models) and £3.50 per month for most flutes and Clarinets. Music Corner will
confirm the price for specific instruments on request.

Terms and conditions.
In the case of theft or loss, the hirer must provide a crime reference number or demonstrate that a reasonable effort was made
to recover the instrument. The renter must pay an ‘excess charge’ of £50 in each case of loss or theft.
In the case of major or malicious damage, the instrument will be fully repaired or replaced at the discretion of Music Corner, but
renter will need to pay the ‘excess charge’ of £50 plus shipping costs for the return and replacement.
Music corner undertakes to replace or repair lost or damaged equipment but has no liability for any additional costs which may
result from the absence or lack of performance of the instrument or any other consequential costs. The equivalent quality
instrument will be provided as quickly as possible, but this may take one to two weeks or more. If a more extensive delay is
anticipated, alternatives such as a substitute loan instrument can be considered.
For the free inclusive service, the hirer needs to book the service appointment with Music Corner, which can be done
immediately following the 24 th monthly rental payment. The company will endeavour to make the appointment available as
quickly as possible to meet the convenience of the hirer, but in busy periods this may take a few weeks. The cost of the full
service by Music Corner will be met by the company, but wear and tear parts such as pads etc, will be chargeable to the hirer
up to a maximum of £50. The cost of any additional parts beyond this would be met by Music Corner. The hirer will be
responsible to pay for the shipping, if the instrument cannot be hand delivered and retrieved from Music Corner. Music corner
can advise on, or arrange low cost safe and secure shipping. The service will be performed by the Music Corner team or their
partners. In some circumstances and at the full discretion of Music Corner, the service will be performed by another fully
accredited third party.
In the case the full monthly cover has been paid to date and that the instrument is no longer required and is returned to Music
Corner after less than 24 months of rental, there will be no additional charges if the instrument needs servicing and the
customers deposit will be returned in full. Should the instrument be returned damaged, the maximum charge to the customer
would be £50, which would be covered by the deposit.
In the case that the instrument is returned without a service having been requested, or before an inclusive service becomes
due, there will be no alternative benefits, or any value accrued.
An additional ‘free’ inclusive service will become due following the 48 th contiguous month of contract payment and for each
additional 24 month period.
The minimum period for the comprehensive cover contract is 3 months. The hirer can elect at any month following this period to
remove this service and cost from their instrument rental agreement, on the understanding that all benefits provided in the
cover contract will be lost from this point and no substitute value will have accrued.
The price of the ‘All Cover contract’ will be maintained for a period of at least 12 Months from the beginning of the contract,
however following this period Music corner maintains the right to increase the cost in line with industry inflation or other cost
factors should this be necessary.
In the case that the renter has suffered previous loss or damage to Music Corner instruments, the company can (at the choice
of the company) decline to offer the normal Cover Contract, from this point if the risks are determined too high. Other
alternatives with new terms for example a higher Excess charge, may be offered at the discretion of the company.

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