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Terms and Conditions


  1. General
    a. Definitions. This contract is for the hire of musical instruments and the parties of this contract which are:
    (i) The “Hirer” and, where the Hirer is not an individual but acting on behalf of a third-party organisation, the named individual on the order form who signed and agreed to the terms & conditions or completed and is named on the online order form.
    (ii): Music Corner Limited – Registered 11567872 Registered office, 389b Wimborne Road, Poole, Dorset, BH15 3EE


  1. Extent of Contract

a. The contract is in no way assignable and becomes effective when Music Corner Limited accepts the Hirer’s order.
b. Commencement of contract. The Hire is deemed to have commenced when the equipment is either collected by the Hirer or delivered to the specified address on the order form.
c. Off-Hiring. The Hire is deemed to have ceased once the equipment has been returned to Music Corner Limited.
d. Termination of contract. Music Corner Limited reserve the right to terminate the Contract and repossess any equipment. This action will not affect any rights to monies due, or damages for breach of contract. This also includes any other remedies where the Hirer is in breach or is involved in liquidation or insolvency proceedings.
e. Ownership of equipment. All equipment hired will remain the property of Music Corner Limited, until a purchase is made.

f. The minimum period for a hire contract is 3 months, after which the customer can choose to cease the contract at any point, but the equipment must be returned to Music Corner before the next monthly period starts to avoid being charged for an extra month’s hire.

g. The contract is considered to be ongoing until the customer informs Music Corner that they wish to terminate it. This can be done be email or telephone but the contract only ceases on the last day of the monthly period and after the equipment is returned.

  1. Charges
    a. Hire Charges Basis. The stated hire charges are for the monthly fee due before the start of each calendar monthly rental period.
    b. Transport Charges. All transport charges are stated separately to hire charges and are the responsibility of the hirer. Music Corner can arrange safe insured transport and recommendations for the hirer. However, Music Corner Limited cannot be held responsible for late delivery or collection of equipment due to third party couriers. All charges are unaffected by circumstances beyond the control of Music Corner Limited.
    c. Payment. The hirer will pay all monies due before collection or delivery of equipment.
    d. Loss of equipment. Music Corner Limited will consider all equipment not returned after the agreement has ended as lost and levy a penalty charge equal to the hirer equivalent to the full replacement cost of all missing equipment. The replacement value of the instrument will be clearly stated on the hirer’s paperwork.
    e. All monies owed must be paid. Unpaid and outstanding hire payments, and all costs incurred in collecting these payments are the liability of the the hirer.
    f. Where hire fees are not honoured, Music Corner will contact the hirer and if monies are not immediately forthcoming, the equipment must be returned within 30 days. The full stated value of unreturned equipment will be payable by the hirer if equipment has not been returned within this period.

g. Should the hirer decide, they would like to purchase the instrument, rather than continue renting, Music Corner will consider this request and confirm a price for this new transaction to purchase the instrument and terminate the rental contract. The price will normally be the stated value of the instrument at the beginning of the rental, minus up to 12 months of hire and the deposit paid at the contract outset. 

h. The hirer pays a deposit (normally £50) at the outset of each hire. Provided the instrument is retuned at the end of the contract in good condition, this will be either paid back to the hirer of subtracted from any money still owing.

i. Music Corner will endeavour to maintain prices and excellent value but from time to time, price increases may be necessary. However, the original agreed monthly price will be held for at least one year before any possible rise and one months advanced notice will be provided before any increase is implemented.  

  1. Hirer’s Responsibilities
    a. Receipt of equipment. All equipment will require a signature on delivery or collection. All faults or missing items should be reported to Music Corner Limited. It is the hirer’s responsibility to check the equipment. Any subsequent missing items are the hirer’s responsibility.
    b. The Hirer is responsible for the upkeep of the instrument/equipment and must be returned in a respectable condition. The Hirer must use a Music Corner Approved Repairer for the upkeep and servicing, this information can be found on the Music Corner Limited website (

c. If an instrument is returned in poor condition and is overdue a service this cost will be removed from the hirer’s deposit.

d. If the instrument is returned with damage and/or missing parts and accessories these remedial costs will liable and be charged to the hirer.

  1. Music Corner Limited responsibilities.
    a. Inspection of equipment. Music Corner Limited will check all equipment to adhere to usage requirements prior to dispatch or collection. If any equipment needs to be recovered due to faults arising from the acceptable use of the hired equipment, Music Corner Limited will endeavour to replace the items with equivalent items.
    b. Transport. Music Corner Limited will endeavour to deliver all equipment within the given time frame. Music Corner Limited cannot accept responsibility for late deliveries or collections arising from unforeseen circumstances.
    c. Limitation of Liability. The liability of Music Corner Limited for claims by the hirer does not extend to any unforeseeable financial loss caused by late or non-delivery of equipment, breakdown stoppage or lawful repossession.
    d. Music Corner Limited is not liable to provide replacement accessories, such as, but not limited to, Reeds, Straps, Grease & Oils. However, they will advise and where possible offer suitable items for an appropriate charge.


If you're contacting from a School or Music Hub please call Rob on 01202 090647 or email with your inquiries. 


We take your privacy and safety seriously and do not sell on your information. We use a third party to collect your banking information GoCardless, here is a link to the GoCardless Privacy Centre (

Information we take including Name, Address and Email is securely stored. We may only use this information for future marketing and we may contact you with information relating to your rental.


Your first payment will be taken over the phone or in our collection site (Music Corner Limited, Poole) this will include your first month's rent plus the £50.00 deposit.  Further payments will be taken by our partner GoCardless.​

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